The Multi-layered Mesh-Belt Dryer (MLMBD) is a fast-growing technology solution for purposes of sludge drying and dewatering. It is a sophisticated system that requires low temperatures and is fueled by CHP. MLMBD ensures consistent end product, with over 90% dry solid sludge content. MLMBD is flexible in utility as it can be custom-made based on requirements of size and capacity. We have partnered with Zhenxing Drying Company, China for provision of this technology by Europen design and manufacturing standards.

This technology is gaining popularity across the globe. it is a lower temperature system and is not fueled by burning furnace but in contrast, the system exchanges its heat to thermal fluids, hot water or flue gas to air heat exchanger. It takes dewatered cakes and distributes them on a specially designed feeding belt. The uniformity of the cake distribution on the belts along with the slow movement optimizes the process by significant dust reduction in dust generation and quantity of fines. The Multi-Layer Mesh Belt Dryer is a very flexible equipment since it can be custom made based on size requirements and capacity. It also has the ability to work with lower and upper-grade waste heat.



The MLMBD has several advantages that make it widely used and highly demanded:
1.Modular and simple design
2.Reuses waste gas; thus, significantly less pollution.
3.Flexible range of inputs can handle different grade of waste.
4.Air quality, heating temperature, and other dynamics can be adjusted in order to improve drying quality.