IFAS (Integrated fixed film activated Sludge) is a treatment process, combining suspended and sessile biomass. Equivalent to a conventional activated sludge process, necessary microorganisms for the biological treatment exist in sludge flakes that are suspended in the waste water. In addition, a media is placed into the treatment tank in order to attach a part of the biomass (sessile biomass). With the attached growth more biomass is available in the system. More


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Cleartec® Biotextil is completely made of PP. The standard width 0.96m, the length depends on the water depth in the aeration tank. One standard sheet has the 16 growth stripes which on both sides has specially inserted loops. Due to the quantity of the loops, a high specific area is achieved which offers micros optimal space to attach. The growth stripes are alternate with a more loosed area. These zones allow free flow of wastewater and oxygen between the textiles. Cleartech® Biotextil is installed in a module where each sheet is placed successively (14-19 textile sheets per m module length is possible).Therefore the resulting space between the sheets depends on the design and is between 5.3cm and 7.1cm. The minimum distance ensures that the textile sheets does not merge due the growth of biomass.

Each textile sheet has sewed retaining straps at each end where a rod or a pipe can be inserted to fix the textile on the module.


Cleartec® BioCurlz is a combination of materials. The core filament is made of PP; it is stitch-bonded and curled up. During the stitch-bonding process, the loops are inserted. Loop is Polyvinyldenchloride (PVdC). PVdc is an inherently stable yarn with a fairly large diameter achieved by only a few filaments. Therefore the loops stick out quite well. Due to the rope structure and the stability of the loops, BioCurlz is perceived as 3-dimensional.

A standard unit has 6 strings connected in a holding bar. The strings are molded into a PP bar which is again enforced by a stainless steel frame.

In contrast to Ciotextil, BioCulrz holding bars are successively placed but staggered in reversed order. This placement method allows a dense packing of Curlz (25-29 holding-bars per m module length is possible). The specific area per volume module is significantly elevated which makes Cleartec® BioCulrz a high-capacity media.


Cleartec® attached growth textile is used to enlarge existing domestic WWTP which has limited area availability. The installation of a textile fixed-bed is equal to expanding the tank volume (aeration tank and clarifier). The required concentration of microorganism for the biological treatment is able to increase and so as well the general performance of the biological process of the treatment plant. As of now, Cleartec® textile fixed-bed is applied in the aerobic zone (carbon elimination and Nitrification).

Also, the placement in the Denitrification zone is thinkable as long as the agitation of the activated sludge is realized by the integrated diffuser below the fixed-bed modules. The waste water inflow should undergo the mechanical pretreatment before entering the aeration tank. A fine bar screen with a 6mm bar space is recommended. Furthermore, a sand and grease trap as well pre-settlement tank shall be existing. The final settlement tank can usually be used without any modification.