director’s statement

I have inherited a beautiful world which was in turn passed down to my parents from their own. It is my dream to leave a world behind for the generations to come. There is so much beauty in the world and it cannot be lost because of ignorance or inaction by the people consuming it. We live in a world that is constantly evolving and we need to account for our compassion for the environment towards the growth factor in our lives because foregoing it will only have long term adverse effects no matter how great the shortfall gains are.
We here at NatureTech are aiming to provide sustainable and economical technological solutions to address these problems because we understand that the opportunity costs that lie ahead are great. We want to make it a fight that is winnable by all and is not just a dream talked about in seminars. I encourage you to join us in this fight against pollution and help us learn and grow so we can serve you better and leave behind a legacy for those to come. Harshad Fatehpuria
Director, NatureTech

Our Promotors

Founder of Kartik Group of Industries, Mr. Anil Fatehpuria, found his passion for entrepreneurship in his early days. His drive for experimentation has led him to a conglomerate that acts as a hub for all your textile needs. He has also dealt with various projects in the real estate sector. Textile processing being one of the most polluting industries in India sparked his interests in environmental technologies, sustainable living and wholesome approach towards the society which led him to be one of the founding fathers of the largest WWTP for textiles in the world. Mr. Anil Fatehpuria

Founder of the largest textile processing unit in the country, Mr. Vipul Desai has been very passionate about technology and the environment with interests ranging across the spectrum from textiles to real estate. He is the founding chairman of the biggest textile WWTP in the world (PEPL). His knack for experimentation and technical expertise has led horizontal expansion in textiles with forte in challenging speciality fabrics. He is also at the forefront of the fight against pollution by actively upgrading PEPL and working towards improving the industrial scenario around him.Mr. Vipul Desai